Tending the Fire


Wise, resilient leadership for changing times.

Healthy Leadership in Anxious Times

  1.     All organizations operate as systems of interpersonal relationships.

  2.     At their best, these systems draw out excellence in their people.

  3.     At their worst, these systems become stuck, undermining and sabotaging even the most well-designed plans for change. 

  4.     Tending the Fire helps leaders understand and engage a system’s dynamics:

  5. the power of calm, courageous leadership

  6. the wisdom of managing interpersonal triangles

  7. the effects of anxiety on organizations and leaders

  8. the dangers of overfunctioning and underfunctioning

  9. the ability to recognize and survive sabotage.

  10.     Tending the Fire helps leaders become less worried and more engaged.  They regain perspective and re-establish vision so that everyone is freed up for more effective and productive interactions.

Tending the Fire offers the perspective and tools to be a more focused, effective leader.

“Have you ever found yourself wondering ‘What happened?  What went wrong?  What’s really going on?’ then Tending the Fire will give you new tools for understanding yourself and your situation.”

Keith Beasley-Topliffe            Liverpool, PA