Tending the Fire


    Businesses need to be flexible in a changing world, but leading that change is anything but simple.  Tending the Fire offers the perspective of family systems theory to business settings:

  1. Any group of people -- any business, any family -- functions as a system, not as a machine.  There is a basic pattern of interpersonal relationships that determines how any group functions. 

  2. Effective leaders recognize and engage those relationship patterns, to the benefit of everyone in the group. These leaders function best when they have

  3. Clarity about their role and their goals

  4. Meaningful connection with others

  5. A non-anxious presence

  6. Clear vision about future possibilities

  1. Leadership can happen at any level of an organization. When one person in a group begins to function in healthier, more effective ways, the entire group will function better.

“There’s got to be an easier way.”

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“These sessions ... allow me to step back and refocus on what the real opportunity is, versus being distracted by the symptoms and associated chaos. I had arrived feeling worn down and exhausted by my frustration at spinning my wheels re: this problem and left feeling empowered and reenergized about the influence I do have in making a positive change with this system.”


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